Jun 26, 2010

So I quit Facebook today. I think that social networking is good and all, but the games you can play there are nothing but a huge source of trouble... Not just that, I was starting to be less than faithful to my wife... Nothing that would get me in trouble with the Lord, but enough that I could see it getting out of hand...
Add to this a growing feeling of dread, and you have a very grumpy boy. Business is good, but we've had some real shake ups as of late...
Our long time pharmaceutical distributor has retired, and so we have had to go and search out new people... The people that our old people chose are currently under investigation by the Federales and as such we can receive no controlled substances from them... So we have been without medication to give to our patients. We have rectified the problem, but not before I spent a lot of time on my knees, and a lot of time with my blood pressure through the roof.
I want to publicly apologize to Lacey, for being a dumbass... I want to apologize to my kids for being an angry father... I want to apologize to my co-workers (you know who you are) for being an asshole, for being disrespectful and mean to you... You guys are the reason I haven't set the world on fire recently... especially the newest addition to the office... I'm pretty sure I would have killed someone if it weren't for you. Thank you.
And finally I want to apologize to you folks reading this right now, if you are not listed among those who I've already apologized to... If I've offended you, I'm sorry. I learned long ago that the best way to lead a life worth living is by not holding anything back (ie. Bobby Bouche), and that sometimes leads to conflict, and offense...

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

May 21, 2010

So here is some of my work... I would call my self an Impressionist, if I considered myself a real artist... All of these can bee seen at the house, except for the bottom one, which is at the office...

May 3, 2010

It's been a while...

I noticed I haven't posted anything new for well over a month, so I figured I'd better let everyone know that I am not quite as angry as I was during the winter. Could it be that the seasons change me? Perhaps...
But I've also been doing things differently. I haven't been working out. Which is bad, because I'm still WAY heavier than I'd like to be, but I'm also not as agro as I was when I was hitting the iron... But I've also been trying to get my creative juices flowing. I've been writing again, for a SF website, and have been getting a lot of positive feedback from that. I've also been painting, which has always been a passion of mine. I've always liked art, but never had the chance to follow my dream, but Lacey got me a "beginner" art set, and I've used all the paint, and had to get more. I ran out of canvases and had to get more. Now I've done a piece for my office, and I have to say that, even though I was reserved about the choice of colors that I was "forced" to use, I am really pleased with the result.

Any way, that's what I was thinking about...

Mar 27, 2010

Saturday at the Gym

SO I have found that only two kinds of people got to the gym on a Saturday morning. People who are worried about their health, (and missed working out on Friday) and people who are showing off.
There was a guy there today who was in his mid 20's, and in great shape. And he began doing push-ups... at the gym... on a Saturday morning... in front of where the women were getting ready to go to Zumba class...
Now normal people do push-ups at home. You don't have to go to the gym to use your own body as resistance. Especially on a Saturday.
I don't really know what's worse... the guy doing it, or the 1/3rd clothed girls giggling over it...

Mar 20, 2010

The 1980's

So as seen in the last post I love movies... Several people have said that I am just too angry, so I'm trying to lighten things up on here... so here are my picks for the 10 best movies of the glorious 1980's... And as before, if you don't agree tell me what you don't like!

#1 Buckaroo Banzai -- Take cast of people who will become stars (Jeff Goldblum, Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, Ellen Barkin, and Clancy Brown) and put them in a sci-fi comedy, about men from another dimension. It's poetry at it's most elegant.

#2 Back to the Future -- "When this thing gets up to 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious shit." And serious it is... Libyan terrorists, 1950's thugs, and oedipal conflicts make this a gem. Beside if you're going to make a time machine you should make it with some style.

#3 The Empire Strikes Back -- See the previous post for all the reasons this movie rocks!

#4 Full Metal Jacket -- From the opening (I play the song when Lacey cuts my hair) to the Rolling Stones song at the end this movie is a punch to the face. When ever I don't want to exercise Gunnery Sergeant Hartman calls me a slimy walrus looking piece of something, and I get re-motivated.

#5 Better Off Dead -- John Cusack as a suicidal looser, a best friend who snorts snow because he can't find real drugs, twins who learned English by imitating Howard Cosell, a French exchange student, the K12, and a sadistic Paperboy... what's not to like?!

#6 Amadeus -- Yes it's a period piece, and yes it's all about classical music, but it was a Best Picture winner. And honestly you could just watch the last half hour and be satisfied. When I die I was the Lacrimosa from The Requiem Mass in D minor to be played... consider yourselves warned!

#7 The Karate Kid -- Sweep the Leg Johnny. This movie was directed by the same guy who directed Rocky. And Pat Morita won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Wax On, Wax Off!

#8 Young Guns -- This movie made me want to be a cowboy. Well not a cowboy so to speak. More like a gunslinger. And at the time the actors in this movie were pure eye candy...

#9 Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure -- Well what can I say. Who knew that Ted "Theodore" Logan was really the savior of the world, destined to save the world from the machines? Who would have guessed that Bill wasn't going to be the big star? Who knew that George Carlin be in a movie and not use any of the words that you couldn't say on TV?

And last but not least #10 Lone Wolf McQuade -- This is the greatest of all 1980's action movies. All the Arnold Schwarzenegger, VanDamme, Segal movies can't hold a candle to this one piece of cinematic gold. Take the time, rent it, and enjoy. Because if you don't Chuck Norris will find you.

Mar 15, 2010


Okay... So some of you who know me know that I am a rabid movie fan, and that I have not only demanding be odd tastes... So I was watching Masterpiece Theater a few moments ago and they were showing a marvelous new production of the 39 Steps, which is the forerunner of all spy movies, I wanted to take the time and give you my top ten movies of all time... so please see these movies, if you already haven't. They will blow you away. And if you don't like my pics, give me your top ten movies... I dare you. So here we go...

#1 The Godfather -- What can one say that hasn't been said about the greatest movie of all time... The Godfather is the I Ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. Any question can be answered by going to the Godfather.

#2 The Killer -- This is John Woo's first Hong Kong "triad" movie. This movie sets the bar pretty high for all of his subsequent work, and for all "action" movies there after. Sure it is a little cheesy and you can read all kinds of things into the plot, but it made me cry the first time I saw it. I was overcome by art.

#3 For a Few Dollars More -- The second in the "Man with No Name" trilogy this film has the most depth and soul of all of them. Lee Van Cleef, who plays the villain in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is the show stopper. And the soundtrack isn't bad either.

#4 Ronin -- John Frankenheimer's last film is possibly the best spy film of all time. Robert De Nero gives a masterful performance, as does Sean Bean, who although he only appears in the first half of the film almost steals the show. It's a masterpiece.

#5 Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- What? My 9 year old daughter can quote it! That is how cool this movie is. If you're like me you've seen it a million times, know the entire movie by heart, and have been able to quote it since you were 12, then you would agree that it is a wonderful movie. And if you haven't then your mother was a Hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries!

#6 The Very Thought of You -- This little British romantic comedy stars Joseph Fiennes (who I will never forgive for starring in Shakespeare In Love which beat Saving Private Ryan for the Best Picture Oscar) and is the only romantic comedy that I can stand. (Ask Lacey)

#7 The Empire Strikes Back -- Okay. So it was Office Space. But seriously this is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made. It is the best written and directed and acted movie in the franchise. It is a love story, it's action adventure, it's revenge, and above all it is those four words, "I am your father!" Followed by that "Nooooo!" And it is corny now but I remember seeing that in the theater and being more than shocked.

#8 Young Frankenstein -- This film was written by both Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. It is as funny as Blazing Saddles, but is so much more family friendly. Plus who would have thought that "Putting on the Ritz" could be comic genius.

#9 Somewhere in Time -- I start to tear up even typing the title. Christopher Reeves is so good in this movie, and Jane Seymour is so.... well..... yea, and they just are so beautiful together, and the ending... seriously some one hand me a box of tissues already!

And finally at #10 The Muppet Movie -- From the opening titles, to the end credits this movie not only makes you laugh, but cry and cheer, and makes you want to be a talking frog, or bear, or whatever Gonzo is... plus have you ever seen so many stars making cameo appearances in one movie? NO! This movie has more star power than the Sun. And besides who doesn't love the Kermit the Frog?

So there you have it... My Top Ten all time greatest movies. I will however as time goes by post lists by Genre... because I am an obsessive movie fan.

Honorable Mention goes to Porco Rosso -- An animated movie about a seaplane pilot who turns into a pig after his best friend is shot down in WWI. The first time I watched it with my girls I cried. And I still do, at the exact same spots, every single time I watch it.

Mar 5, 2010

Holy Crap!

So it's been two weeks since I went off about something... but what has happened in those two weeks? Well all kinds of things that I won't bring up because the people who read this know all about it... I've began painting again... And I'm horrible. I'm an abstract impressionist by nature, but I want to paint landscapes, and portraits. I want to be the next Winslow Homer, or Claude Monet, but I suck at painting things. Just ask my 9th Grade art instructor (oh yea that's right you can't because he's dead! A flashback of how terrible my art is made him crash into a tree while skiing! RIP you monkey fetcher!)
So why don't I practice? Why don't I go to school and take some classes, or watch hours of Bob Ross? The same reason I don't practice my bass, and the same reason I've given up on writing yet again... because I'm afraid of success.
"Afraid of success?" You ask, "How can such a thing be?" Well I don't know... but when I do, you all will hear about it for sure...